Privacy policy European Tyre Distributors B.V.

European Tyre Distributors (ETD) B.V. is specialized in the import of tyres for the European market. We offer our customers a broad range of tyres in several brands in the categories AGR, TBR, trailers/caravans, PCR and 4x4/SUV from our stock.

We are located on Industriestraat 12 in Strijen, the Netherlands, and can be reached by telephone on the number +31 (0)78 6291210.

Processing personal data
As we work in a B2B environment, processing personal data is not a main objective of ours. We strive to register and process as little personal data as possible. 
In our perception processing a limited amount of personal data is essential for the below mentioned intentions in order to meet our agreements with clients or the processing is justified by given consent by those involved :

  1. Informing customers of news concerning products, the range of products, current prices and special offers.
  2. The processing of purchase orders and sales orders, including the registration of the delivery addresses.
  3. Maintaining communication with suppliers and customers concerning the delivery of the ordered goods and/or services as well as the financial settlement of the supplied products and/or services.
  4. Reaching out to potential customers who have shown an interest in the products and services offered by ETD B.V.

Data exchange and information on data processing
On the basis of legal provisions ETD B.V. may be forced to disclose personal data with authorized parties. Furthermore, relevant personal data can be shared with third parties if this is necessary for the delivery of goods and/or services. Through written consent the shared personal data is guaranteed to be handled with the appropriate confidentiality and that befitting security measures are taken.

When applicable, we have a processing agreement with these third parties. Among other things, this processing agreement arranges that data cannot be used for the personal goals of the processer and that the processor takes appropriate security measures in regards to processing personal data.

ETD B.V. informs those concerned at the start when it starts processing data of them. 

Safeguarding personal data and the storage period
ETD B.V. has implemented the appropriate security measures needed for the personal data it retains. These measures are in line with the applicable legal requirements and guidelines.

ETD B.V. does not retain personal data longer than is necessary for the goal of data processing or for longer than is stipulated by legal archiving periods.

Privacy rights
On the basis of the applicable privacy legislations, you have

  1. The right of data portability. The right to transfer personal data.
  2. The right of oblivion. The right to be ‘forgotten’ and have your personal data removed.
  3. The right of inspection. The right to access the personal data being processed.
  4. The right of rectification and supplementation. The right to modify the personal data processed when incorrect or incomplete.
  5. The right to limit what is processed. The right to have less data processed.
  6. The right with regards to automated decision making and profiling. The right of human input in decision making. 
  7. The right to appeal to data processing.

If you would like to know what personal data ETD B.V. processes from you, you can submit a written request for access to this data. ETD B.V. will act on your request within one month. Does it appear that, as a result of the inspection request, your information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant? You can then make an additional request to change, delete or supplement your personal data. While processing these requests the applicant can be asked to supply a proof of identity.

You can send your written requests to utilize your privacy rights to:
European Tyre Distributors B.V.
t.a.v. Contactpersoon Privacyrechten
Postbus 5722
3290 AA Strijen

Or through e-mail to: privacy@etd.nl
Complaints on the subject of ETD respecting your privacy rights can be made known to the person(s) responsible for the abidance to the privacy regulations via privacy@etd.nl. Alternatively you can also turn to the relevant supervisor: Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens in Den Haag, the Netherlands. 

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