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ISO 9001

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified!

As of day one, we at ETD strive to offer all our partners the best service and quality. By obtaining the ISO certification via Bureau Veritas, we can confidently say that we have a successful quality management system in place which underlines our promise that we offer the best service and quality.

In line with the ISO 9001 standard we have created a structured quality management manual in which our processes are clearly defined and in which we take into account our strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. Additionally we have structured checks to make sure that we maintain and if possible improve our quality standards.

We are glad to say that this high level of quality can be seen throughout our entire company. Whether you order a container directly from the factory, or order from our warehouse in Strijen, or if you need complete wheels from our assembly line, quality is guaranteed!


At European Tyre Distributors (ETD) we specialize in the import of tyres, rims and accompanying products for the European market, with LEAO and SECURITY as our powerful leading brands. Next to that, we have also specialized in the assembly of these tyres and wheels. Resulting in us supplying complete wheels to many OEMs all over Europe.

In this company introduction film, you will find out why many others prefer to do business with ETD. In the film, our processes are explained, you will see our facility in Strijen, and get to know our team.

More than 40 years of experience and our team’s efforts resulted in us becoming one of the leading tyre distributors of the European market.

If you have any questions regarding our service or our brands, please feel free to contact us: sales@etd.nl

At ETD we still see attention for our customers as key. Therefore we always strive to keep our promises and provide our customers with the correct tyres, rims and complete wheels as soon as possible. To do so we work accurately and we offer the possibility to deliver our products quickly from our warehouses in Strijen.
ETD is especially proud of its strong leading brand LEAO. This Asian brand is produced by a manufacturing partner that is currently in a worldwide top 20 position in tyre manufacturing. With LEAO, ETD guarantees economical prices, excellent quality and 100% reliability in TBR, AGR and OTR tyres.
European Tyre Distributors B.V. (ETD) specializes in the import of tyres, rims and accompanying products for the European market, with the LEAO and SECURITY brands as its flagship. Next to that, ETD supplies tyre and rim assemblies to major OEMs in Europe. As we have been active in this field for over forty years, we have established a high level of expertise and have proven to be a reliable partner for our customers and (foreign) distributors.