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ETD - Your AGR supplier

Many aspects need to be taken into account when buying agricultural tyres. Load capacity, pressure, surface, soil compaction, traction, etcetera. Luckily, European Tyre Distributors B.V. has many years of experience when it comes to agricultural tyres and their applications. Next to that, we have many sizes and patterns in stock. So, if you are looking for an AGR tyre, ETD is the right place!

LEAO FL300: This implement tyre is one of the newest additions to the LEAO AGR range. The steel-belt and specific pattern design makes this tyre very strong and robust.

SWT Gripking: Produced in one of the most modern factories in India, this radial tractor tyre is designed to deliver power in rough conditions without compromising on the treadwear and durability.

PRS Implement: With three patterns (Loadster, Farmster and Paw 855) we have an extensive program of implement tyres. Available in different L/S indexes.

Tubes: 156 different types of tubes on stock of which many are for AGR tyres.

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ETD - Your AGR supplier