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Cross-ply - Diagonal tyres and tubes

In the market we are known as "the specialist in the import of Asian tyres for the European market" with our products LEAO TBR/AGR/OTR, Security Trailer and Event, CST & Barkley PCR as main brands.

But did you also know that we have an extensive program in two additional product ranges? We offer many sizes and patterns in cross-ply/diagonal tyres for agricultural and industrial applications. Additionally, we also have a strong range in tubes on stock.

! Special offer !

As a special offer, every first order of these products groups (tubes and/or cross-ply tyres) with a minimum order value of €1000, will be rewarded with a Metabo Bitbox*!

*valid unitl 31-5-2019


IP titel banden top 10

Special Offer

High quality cross-ply/diagonal tyres and tubes available from stock