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Since the start of 2019, many new patterns of LEAO TBR have been introduced. Modern patterns which are especially designed based on the demand and requirements of the European market. To inform you in more detail about the new patterns, we have made a PowerPoint presentation for you.If you wish to receive it, please send an e-mail to

This week, the 100-series will be in the spotlight.

ETT100: The steer tyre, with 3PMSF symbol, has four grooves with special stone-ejector features. The tyre is especially designed to provide excellent handling without compromising on the life-span of the tyre.

ETD100: The six block, drive tyre is especially designed for big volume loads. To guarantee high mileage, the tyre has smaller grooves as well as hidden grooves. With the 3PMSF symbol and the high traction pattern design, this tyre will become an absolute classic.

ETT100: The ETT100 has an innovative tread pattern design with longitudinal “raindrop’ sipes. These raindrop sipes will open up when the tyre is worn for excellent wear resistance and long-term grip. Available in seven sizes.  

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